We offer Virtual Reality solutions to help you visualize and develop your dream yacht.


Who We Are


On the crest of the Digital Transformation wave, Anchor-VR is the first company in the superyacht industry to offer a full range of Extended Reality solutions (Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality) designed to help future owners and industry professionals visualize and develop their creations—and manage their projects.

We chose the name Anchor because of its dual meaning: first, as a timeless symbol of navigation and maritime commerce, but also as a reference to broadcasters in the modern era. Since we believe that Extended Reality is the most powerful medium of the 21st century, we have decided to be an anchor for the superyacht world and to develop a new language that speaks to a new generation of owners and creators.


With VR, your design presentations become unconventional—and unforgettable.


Our Services


Our range of services include Extended Reality solutions for sales & marketing, design and collaboration, project development, manufacturing, training as well as maintenance, repair and operations, and facility management. Extended Reality consulting is one of our top services, designed to solve your problems.


VR adds speed and flexibility to the design process, eases workflow and increases engagement.


The Advantages

Our VR+AR+MR solutions can help you :
° Present your designs in a memorable, unconventional way
° Test design options without building a physical mock-up
° Validate your design quickly and at earlier stages


° Collaborate remotely with colleagues and stakeholders
° Optimize the decision-making process
° Increase engagement with stakeholders and customers
° Ease workflow due to transparency and clarity of data


° Track progress and control schedules, costs and logistics
° Train your people in a more efficient way
° Maintain and repair using the same digital twin
° Have fun—while developing and building your project!


Clients become genuine co-creators, dynamically involved in the design of their future yacht.


Who Needs VR?

VR immensely assists all those who are involved in every aspect of yacht construction, development, and design, allowing them to step into the future and walk through their dream project with a true sense of reality that they can not only see, but can also adjust. Thanks to VR, clients can now become true co-creators and active participants, rather than just passive viewers of the process.


Who Benefits?

Impressive statistics show the high value that VR/AR brings to product development, decreasing construction time by 25%, reducing the duration of meetings to review mock-ups by up to 50%, while having the potential to lower fail costs by up to 75%.


We will help you formulate and implement a coherent, effective VR+AR strategy.


Our Expertise

Our team consists of experts on Extended Reality as well as other Industry 4.0 technologies, like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cybersecurity and Robotics. We know how to integrate them with Product Lifecycle Management [PLM] and Building Information Modeling [BIM] and make project development and construction smoother, more efficient, more transparent and enjoyable for all parties.

Your Strategy

Can’t decide how to integrate VR? We can advise you on precisely which Extended Reality strategy fits your business. Since we know the superyacht industry and the particular challenges companies face, we can help you pinpoint the best way to use VR+AR+MR technologies to maximize your profits, streamline your product development and optimize your marketing communications.