Sales & Marketing

° Fully immersive 3D real-time project visualization
° VR configurator
° 3D model optimization for VR
° VR+AR+MR solutions for quick presentations

Trade Fairs

° Multi-touch displays, interactive tables and kiosk terminals
° Multi-touch LED walls
° Holographic cubes with your yacht model inside

Project Design

° Virtual prototyping
° Virtual mock-ups
° Distant collaboration in VR environment

Project Management

° VR+AR+MR solutions that combine:
4D time/schedule info;
5D cost information;
6D operation/management data


° Integration of VR+AR+MR into your PLM, ERP and MES
° Integration with BIM
° MR solutions for hands-free construction in real-time


° «Distant Assistant» service while at sea
° Rapid diagnostics and repair thanks to quick access to a digital twin


° VR solutions for crew training
° Simulation of on-board emergency situations
° Step-by-step training for complex equipment operations

For Tech Partners*

° Access to our client database
° Smooth integration of your solution within yacht building and design
° Visibility of your product during industry events
° Publicity for your project thanks to the newsletter we deliver to top industry professionals


VR consulting services.

Precise Analysis

Virtual and Augmented Reality can be integrated with Product Lifecycle Management [PLM], Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP] and Manufacturing Execution Systems [MES]. We can help you to understand in clear financial terms how your company stands to benefit from the Total Cost of Ownership [TCO] of XR technology by developing a technology profitability matrix. It's your decision how far you would like to go—our goal is to show you the best way to get there.


Effective Action

After a detailed analysis of your company’s needs, Anchor-VR will provide you with a set of carefully considered conclusions, including:

° Specific list of proposed digital initiatives
° Expert assessment of the implementation costs
° Estimate of the economic effect of each initiative
° Technology comparison matrix (fast wins vs. long-term gains)
° Road map for digital transformation